21 october ultimate egypt


hey is there any1 doin this tour wld like to tlk to any 1 thats doin this tour:-[[br][br]marina morris


Hey Faith[br]I did this tour in Jan/Feb this year and it was absolutely fantastic. One of the best places i’ve been. It visits all the best places and there are great guides that no their stuff and they speak arabic which is more essential that u realise…it can get u out of tricky situaitons[br]You will have a great time but don’t worry too much about peope even though I know I did. We had a good number and even had 2 people book 2 days before the departure…apprently because top eck is a british company there are alot of last minute travllers from the UK[br]Have fun…it will be the best time of your life…[br]3 weeks is just not enough but you’ll get a great variety and flavour :slight_smile:


thanks for that info im gettin really xctied nw they say to watch out for the guys is that true and is really hot there and are you allow to wear dresses there cos im not to sure on that 1:-[[br][br]marina morris