2018 EUROPE solo choosing a trip


Hey all, Ive got a deposit in and am keen to meet heaps of great people! any other solo travellers trying to choose a trip? i’m currently down for the Euro Pioneer. I love travel but most of all i love the people you meet traveling so would love to see who else is planning 2018 trips and which ones. Im thinking May at this stage!


I’m doing the March on Rome leaving March 1st from London solo. :slight_smile:


I’m booked to go on the 26 day ‘Europe Inspired’ tour which starts on the 18th of May next year! Should definitely check it out.


Just looked at this trip and looks awesome! Thinking about going!! Where are you from ally?


It totally does! You should definitely consider it. I’m from Sydney, Australia. :slight_smile:


Yeah I am!! Sweet I’m from Perth, Australia


I’m planning on travelling solo on the Euro Inspired trip, Either in May or June.


If you decide to book the May 18th departure, download the Topdeck app where there is a group chat option! :blush:


i’m a bitworried about booking a trip that isn’t guranteed but if i do i’ll do that date :slight_smile:


Just looked at this trip and looks awesome.


I’m doing the Eastern Link from May 18 2018 - June 7 2018.


Im doing the Summer Fun and Sailing, September 7th till 3rd of October 2018


I’m doing the European Getaway, 26th May - 14th June 2018


I’m thinking about doing the ‘summer fun and sailing’ in June next year! :slight_smile:


I’m doing the Summer Fun and Sailing, May 11th to June 6th 2018


@Lauren_Northcott I’m doing the summer fun and sailing as well! 29 June :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m doing the Euro Pioneer as well, I think I booked the 1st of August - 6th of September :slight_smile: I’m from Perth, WA and I’m super excited to do this tour, see the sights and meet awesome people!

Are you guys doing London before or after as well? I’m trying to decide, what do you recommend?


looked at this trip and looks awesome.


I’m looking at the European Pioneer as well - the April 25 departure.


Doing The Euro Trip in May solo and a 2 week trip to the USA in Aug/Sep solo as well ! :smile:

I’ve also travelled to Japan solo earlier this year. Agree that it’s heaps of fun and you learn sooo much about yourself