2017 travels


I will be traveling Europe and possibly other various trips (really just want to travel and explore). I am going alone, 19 and am from Sydney, is anybody else thinking about this??? :laughing: I really want a travel buddy, although making friends on the trip would be fantastic, I don’t want to feel out of it :grin: I am very adventurous sooooo is anybody else???



I’m 20 from Perth - Aiming to do a Euro trip July 2017 so might see you then :slight_smile:



I’m 22 and from Melbourne, heading over in July 2017 so might see you! :grin:


I’m also a solo traveller from Syd and just booked spirit of Europe 4th July 2017! :slight_smile:


Hey I’m 19 from Perth and booked the Spirit of Europe for October 2017 :grin:


hey! i just booked the red star special trip that starts on the 9th of july 2017! im 19 and from Newcastle. Hope you plan on doing this trip!


Hey im 19 and travelling from brisbane and im going to be travelling solo too, really just want to have an adventure and travel . I’m at university so i was looking at travelling in either the july holidays or in october 2017. Just looking for a travel buddy too… maybe we could go on the same tour! just wanna have an awesome trip :smile:


hey, that is heaps cool but I booked my trip for March (odd time but it was the only time I could fit in with my life :confounded:) totally book for march haha


I’m also traveling solo for the first part of my trip. I’m going to be booking a Europe trip in July. I’m also from Sydney and I’m 20!


I’m Tiff and I’m 20,
I’ve booked the Euro Adventure tour 2017, Aug!
I’m a solo traveler too! X


Hey, I’m 21 and am a solo traveller, and I have booked the Euro Pioneer for July :smiley:


Hey guys! My partner and I have booked the European Pathway departing 31st May 2017. Waiting for the app to be released and counting down the days!!


I’m at uni too so I opted for the spirit of Europe starting June 28th in Rome and I’m spending an extra week in London after :slight_smile:


Hey I’m Sam, I’m 20 and travelling solo from New Zealand. I’m doing the Spirit of Europe from May 30th - June 22. I’ll be in Europe for some time both before and after, so if you are wanting to travel around together i’d be keen!


Hey Sam!
I’m doing the spirit of Europe 28th June - 13th July!
Where are you spending time after your tour?



I’ll be doing the Summer Fun & Sailing trip in June 2017 :smiley: so excited!! Definitely one to think about :wink:


I’m 21 from New Zealand and looking at doing one in 2017 also!



I’m a solo traveler from New Zealand and I’ll be traveling round Europe on the Mega European tour 3th June - 31st July, might see you around! :grin:


I’m doing the Europe Uncovered in April 2017 solo traveller 24 from Sydney, hoping to meet some people before the tour :slight_smile:


hey solo traveller here too! i’m doing the European Wonder 2017 9-21st of june. Hope to see you there :slight_smile: