2017 Aug-Sep European Adventure Tour


Hey fellow travellers,

My names Tiff, I’m 20 and I have just booked a European Adventure tour, 34 days in 2017 Aug-Sep.
Was hoping to get in contact with anyone else thats booked this tour?
I am a solo, but not single traveller…

So excited, Love Tiff X


hello, im Hayley.
I was looking at travelling on the same trip, but no to sure what dates to pick, what dates were you booked on?


My tour starts on the 19th of Aug 2017!


that the dates i was looking at! haha that is exciting!


so i ended up booking it so yay!!
feel free to add me on facebook, hayley waterhouse, the profile picture is me with blonde hair out, and in a black and white swirly patterned dress and there is another girl in the photo :slight_smile:


Hey Guys! Another solo traveller here, doing the same tour as the both of you.
Can’t wait. :slight_smile:


Hey Holsta!
Feel free to add me on Facebook, Tiffani Prasad.
Can’t wait :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️