2014 bookings available?


Looks like i’ll have to postpone my trip from this fall and push it out into the spring sometime - likely end of March/early April…does anyone know when tours for this timeframe typically open for bookings online? Really want to get my deposit paid and start paying it off…just makes it feel more real since it is about a year before I can go now :frowning:


anyone ???



not sure as to when they will have dates out for bookings. I did read one girl asking about dates for 2014 and they said soon when they get to do up the trip infos. id pop them and email or message them on facebook /twitter and ask the question.

major sucky about having to delay your tour. where are you heading? Im heading to canada in sept :slight_smile:


2014 dates usually come out around September when they have their pre-season sale and the new brochures come out.


thanks Trey :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Emma - that great your coming to Canada! You will love it here and September is a really nice time to visit lots of pretty fall colours on the trees… Im planning on doing the European Getaway tour in the spring…