2012 tour dates - question for admin


Hi Admin,

Just noticed that the 2012 dates are up for the 49 mega european tour.
Was just wondering if you could let me know how long you are offering the 10% discount for on that tour?
And is this an online only special or would travel agents be able to match it?

Thanks! :slight_smile:



also another quick question.

How do we know which of the tour dates for the mega european are guaranteed departure dates?
I definitely want to choose a guaranteed departure so I know my tour wont be cancelled.



Hey Kimberly,
It says the discounts are on until 30/09/2011. I read it somewhere on the page. LUcky your dates are up. I am still waiting for dates on The Great Eastern to be put up. So eager to start planning cause I will be travelling from late April :slight_smile:

Also it will come up next to it saying guaranteed depature. I don’t think they will put this up though until the actual dates are released as this is just the pre-release.

Hope this helps!


I am also waiting for my tour Northern Exposure to be released as my fiance and I are hoping to do this as part of our honeymoon… however Topdeck told me to wait a few months for the dates to be released…it’s hard trying to budget for a wedding and a honeymoon!!


Hi, I noticed today that the pre-release of the 2012 dates offering the 10% off, are only if you pay in full by 30th September! A wonderful discount if you have the full funds ha ha! So for me the past passenger discount of 5% will just have to do. I can’t wait to do my Europe tour next year in Sept for sure :slight_smile:


Hey charmain,

Yeah the 10% is awesome!
I’m going to try and book and pay before the 30 Sept so I can get that discount. Fingers crossed I have enough funds!
Just need 2 wait and find out which tour dates are guaranteed departures then I’m all go!!



Is anyone looking at doing the European Pioneer tour around start of June? I’m planning that plus the Greek Island Hop afterwards, so hoping I can manage to book at pay for both in time to take full advantage also of the discounts. Such a big saving! Very excited, planning starts this weekend for my 4 months travel stint.
Keen to hear from anyone that may be doing the Pioneer in June or Greek Island Hop around start July


i’m going to book the european pioneer tour starting mid may Ninja


Oh I’m booking the one at the end of my. Bugger. I can’t go any earlier either. Stinky I’ve got heard anyone else planning same yet


31st May 2012 is guaranteed departure according to their pre release booklet


im sure there will be lots booking it, i picked the 17th cause its guaranteed departure and have to be back at work by end of June xx(
sounds like an awesome trip!


I’ve paid deposit for 31 may for guaranteed departure


Hailey bummer you gotta get back for work :frowning:


booked and paid for the European pioneer tour starting 17th May!!! just slighty excited


my husband and i are doing the europe uncovered at the end of may.


Hailey nice one. Bummer your couple weeks prior to mine. I’m on 31st may


would have been nice to be on the same one :slight_smile: booked flights yesterday