2012 Tour Dates/early payment discount etc


Hi, I’m planning on doing the 28 day Grand European tour about this time next year but there doesn’t seem to be tour dates planned. I was hoping to get a discount for booking early. How can I get a discount or is there one? I have noticed a number of companies have a 12 month discount.

Does anyone know when the travel expo is on in Australia?

I have read somewhere about paying the tour guides a sum before the tour so you do not have to worry about tipping during the tour, is this the case? If so, is it still expected that you tip on top of the upfront tip so to speak, will you feel obligated to tip during the tour?


Apparently the next travel expo is sometime in Oct/Nov this year. The travel agents I spoke to didn’t have the exact dates. I was thinking of going to Morocco next year sometime … Aparently you get a good discount at this expo. I got a discount for booking over 6months in advance.
Well I don’t think you are obligated to tip but that is my opinion. I guess you can tip if you really feel like it but as far as I know, you don’t HAVE to do it (correct me if I am wrong …)


i just missed out on the 6 month discount but then my travel agent gave me one for the end of financial year - i think some of it is just luck and whats happening around the time that you book


Is anyone planning to do the EuroClub European Pinoeer Tour early June 2012? I’m going solo and looking for people that might be planning the same? Also keen to add afterwards a short tour for Greek Island Hopping as I believe there’s a small discount if you book 2 tours at same time. I think 2012 dates will be available in the next couple months. The wait is horrible! haha


I was told my Admin the tour dates for 2012 won’t be aval till Sept/Oct. And to keep checking the website as that is where the dates will appear first.

I can’t wait as I am dying to go on the Northern Exposure!!


I’m going to do the European Pioneer Tour then a 10 Greek Island Hop. When are you planning to head over? Will you be doing any other travels while over there?


I’m really keen on doing the grand European early July next year! Really want the dates to be released so I can figure out what I’m going to do either side of the tour and save up like crazy!!

Can’t wait!!


I am looking at doing a EuroClub Tour around that time & probably European Pioneer also - just havnt figured out if Im doing it as early as April or a little later. I have been checking up on the Topdeck site waiting for the new tour dates.


Well if you’re planning around same time would be cool to start getting to know peeps before. Makes the idea of going solo less daunting lol


I hope the 2012 dates are out soon, I want to plan a few days in London during the olympics before or after my trip and the hostels are filling up fast


Hey guys!
Our 2012 pre release is coming any day now…

Keep an eye on the website!

Topdeck Team


That’s good news!

I’m the same as you Josh. Wanting a couple of days in London after my tour which will probably be right in the middle of the olympics! Just looked on the clink website and there’s not much left! That’ll have to be the first thing I book once dates are released :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for the 2012 pre release - really hoping Northern Exposure is one of them!!


Yay exciting!! Can’t wait to be able to do some real planning


Me too! Totally looking foward to the 2012 trips & dates - even though I dont know if I can afford to go yet… Cant wait to finish study & get a full time job so I can start properly saving!


Tracey what were you thinking of doing and when?


Well I was thinking Euroclub, probably European Pioneer but I also want to do the Britain & Ireland tour too. I’m still not sure when I will be going, probably looking April 2012. My friends I met on the Topdeck tour I did in Oz all live over there so we are planning a reunion. I am planning on being over there for 6 months but probably wont start a tour until mid April/May-ish. All funds dependant though. Cant wait to travel again!!!

(Will be good to swap the kiwi winter for a Europe summer lol)


Ahh ok. I’m currently aiming for Euroclun European pioneer but for late may/ early June. Then 10 day Greek island hopping tour. Then Croatia for a month free travel as I have family there. Then states then Africa


Hey Admin,
I’ve seen some of the Europe 2012 dates have come out online, will the rest be following as I am dying to book The Great Eastern in May very soon but need to work out exact dates with a friend ;D


I think most of the 2012 dates are available from what I saw today. So excited!!! I’m looking at the European Pioneer start of June, then Greek Island Hop. Exciting times ahead to start my planning yay!!!

Is anyone else planning to head off around June 2012??