2012 Olympics in London


HI there,

As I don’t want to get stuck paying astronomical rates in London before or after my not yet booked trip, when would be the best time to avoid travelling? Do the Top Deck preferred Hostels/Hotels push the prices up during July/August because of the Olympics?



Hi Sarah,

I was wondering the same thing.

I am thinking whether I should stay in London or not during the Olympic games.


I will go there when the Olympics opened. Prices in london really expensive.


My friend and I are flying to Europe on the 20th of July to start our tour a few days after but we decided to fly into Paris and join the tour there. So as to avoid the crazy heathrow airport and the associated cost with flying into heathrow and to avoid the Olympic craziness as well. Just a suggestion :wink:


I booked a hotel in London while the Olympics are on in November last year and I did not have much to pick from… alot of places are already booked out and it was pretty expensive. If you are wanting to be in London at that time I would recommend that you book ASAP!


Hi Sarah,

I am due to arrive in London just a few days prior to the closing ceremony for the Olympics. The prices I have found so far are almost doube during that time. It seems reaonable afterwards even though the Para-Olympics follow, the prices seem back to usual after 12 August 2012. For example 1 night accomodation during the Olympics is the same for two night post Olympics and transfer costs are almost triple. I am assuming the food prices will escalate too. In any case I am thankful that my three month trip only includes a few days while the Olympics are on simply because I will be basing myself in London with the couple of tours I am going on departing from there.

Hope this helps. Have a great time.


Britain and Ireland 12 August - 25 August
Mega European 28 August - 15 October


I work in the travel industry so I can tell you, it’s quite a bit cheaper to go after the Olympics.
I’m moving my life to London in September and its sooo much cheaper for me then.


My tour finishes in London the middle weekend of the Olympics and I booked into the clink recommended hostel for 2 nights. Not sure what the usual rate is but I had to pay $90/night. Hope this helps!


I have paid $70NZD per night at Clink (through Topdeck) for accommodation in before & after my tour in May & June.

Even flights out of London just before the Olympics are expensive - but I have to weigh up the fact that it will cost me just as much (if not more) in accommodation/food etc to stay on & wait for the cheaper flights. Guess lots of people want to escape the madness.