2011 Tour Dates


Does anyone know when the 2011 tour dates are being released?

Im keen as to book my holiday!!! ;D


Hi Scarah ! I think a few more months will have more information for you. not sure now.



Usually the Top Deck brochure for the following year is released in Sep/Oct the prior year. I booked my December 2010 tour in January and I was able to pick the date etc in the November so I could sort out add-ons etc. The dates don’t usually appear on the Top Deck website until March-April, so you are definitely better off going to a travel agent to get the brochure. Try STA or Flight Centre - they are usually the first to get the brochure.



Hi Guys,

Hope this little summary helps:

Winter Europe 2010/2011 trips (departing between October/November 2010 and March 2011)
Can be booked on the website.

Summer Europe 2011 trips (departing between April 2011 - September/October 2011) plus a selection of Winter 2011/2012 trips - will be released on the website around the same time as the brochure. Please check from October.

Egypt / Morocco / Jordan / Israel / Syria 2010/2011 trips (departing between May 2010 and April 2011)
Can be booked on the website.