2010 Tours


Hey. I am planning a trip to Europe in April 2010.[br]I am looking at the Discover Europe trip with my husband.[br][br]Does anyone else have plans to travel next year, and where?[br]


I am traveling in Jan 2010 on the Winter Wonder tour. I thought it would be great to see Europe in winter.[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 2 2010


Hi[br][br]I am looking at doing the Timeless Trail Tour in July


Hi[br][br]I am looking at doing the ski tour in feb. [br][br]


hi, [br]My boyfriend and i are actually thinking of going on either Roman Road (part of Europe Uncovered) or European Emperor (part of Discover Europe) in June 2010.


Hi there,[br][br]My husband and i are also thinking of doing the Discover Europe trip. We are looking at May 2010


My boyfriend and i are looking at the Summer FUn and Sailing Trip in July next year. We are still undecided about this tour but it is the best so far as we really want to go to Croatia!


Hey![br][br]Me and my better half will be doing the mega Eurpean tour from the very end of march, through april till the middle of may. We may cross paths![br][br]Not to sure on the confirmation of dates, anybody know about this one?


Right now planning to do the Egypt express in may of 2010 and then the Athens to London camping in June…[br][br]Just waiting for the website to update to book it! although i keep filtering back and forth between Athens to London and Rome to London.[br][br][br]anyone do the Rome to London or mega european - wondering if those 8 extra days are worth it (mykonos, etc)[br][br]Europe Unplugged 7/08 * Alps & Matadors 6/09 * Hopefully Athens to London and Egypt Express 7/10 :slight_smile:


Hey all[br]Looking at doing the Summer Fun and Sailing in June/July, and maybe Ski Trip in Jan…I’m addicted to Topdeck (a little sad I know) would go on them all if I could :)[br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009


i am gonna do the mega european in the summer![br][br]i was going to do egypt express and athens to london (already have done europe unplugged so really wanted eastern europe) but realized the flight difference cost of flying to those places compared to a simple round trip to london makes up for the difference in cost of the big tour except for about $250 so it would stupid not to do the full trip![br][br]i have done europe unplugged in the past - and will gladly see those places again! so much to see![br][br]can’t wait!


will be by myself for this big trip though, last 2 were with someone but don’t care at all - half the trip is by themselves and its just as much fun![br][br]Europe Unplugged *July 2008[br]Alps & Matadors *June 2009[br]Mega European Summer 2010


hi there,[br][br]what dates are your winter wonder tour? im doing one too in 2010. wanting to see who else is on the same one.[br][br]let me know.[br][br]Pauline.[br][br][br][quote]Originally posted by AndreaNazzari[br]
I am traveling in Jan 2010 on the Winter Wonder tour. I thought it would be great to see Europe in winter.[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 2 2010[br][/quote][br][br]I’m doing the 14 Day Winter Wonder Trip![br][br]POSITION VACANT: A tour friend (I’m going lonesome!)


Hi Pualine,[br][br]I am on the Winter Wonder on Jan 3. So far I have found two other girls also on the same tour. What date are you going?[br][br]Andrea[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Hey guys :)[br][br]At the moment booked in for the European Pioneer (starting 24th June). Hoping to confirm booking of the Iberian Voyager (starting 1st June) asap![br][br]First trip overseas at 27…slightly scared, but mostely excited! Anyone on either of these?[br][br]Christina xxx[br](Melbourne, Australia)


Hi…[br][br]I’m doing European Pioneer on the 6th May with a friend. Then follow by Red star special which I’m be doing it alone. Just wondering who else have booked these two tours. [br][br]Yvonne[br][br]


I am doing the Winter Getaway in March 2010. Can’t wait! A few days in London on either side of the tour… Am going alone


Im looking at doing the european odessy end of may 2010, then my own thing in Italy for a litte while.[br][br]Jess :o)


Hey Guys, [br][br]looking at doing the 6 day patrol for anzac day and then flying to london for a week before my spirt of europe at this stage looking at leaving on the 04/05/10. anyone else looking at the same one get in contact.[br][br]Thanks.


Hi. I’m doing the Timeless Trail leaving on 5 Aug 2010 with 2 days in London before it starts and the Greek Island Hopping leaving on 28 Aug 2010 with a couple days in Athens before hand.[br][br]Can’t wait for August to finally get here!![br]