2010 i cant wait


hey[br][br]im heading to europe in 2010 and i cant wait,iwish it would hurry up.[br]just wondering if anyone is in the same situation as me, when are u planning on going and wat tour u are looking for.[br][br]thanks enjoy ur travels everyone


Yup in the same area as you. Not looking into going until August of 2010, so a long ways away but never too early to start saving. Im looking into the Mega European camping trip. Hope they add more to the itinerary in next years model, but who knows. Gonna be graduating from college next year so I’m treatin myself to a trip before the real world gets thrown at me, haha. So how bout you, what trip you lookin into?[br][br]Joey Walker


same im saving hard…well im thinking summer fun and sailing,i hope it stays the same or upgrades as well,after that i hope to stay in london for a yr to work.[br][br]nessa