2 week European Wonder Trip Questions


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Hiii this is my very first time travelling alone and would like to ask some questions regards to travelling in genereal :slight_smile:

  1. In regards to money, what are some options of ways to spend money in Europe? I heard there is a way of using a travel card… which is to have all my money in one card and I can withdraw certain amount of money at nearby ATM in each country? ( am I correct?) What are some other options?- Since I will be going to London, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Netherlands… will it be wiser to change currency as I move to each country?–> and where do I go to do this?

  2. Phone–> I am using Vodafone in Australia and so I am planning to get a pretty good roaming deal… but alternatively I heard I can just buy SIM card in each country I arrive in but I am a bit worried that I might not get a chance to get one as the schedule for my trip is pretty packed. Could you outline some options about using phone / internet in Europe?

  3. Optional activities—> There would be days I will not be doing some optional activities due to my tight budget. Are we going to get free time when everyone else goes to do optional activities?

  4. Food–> We won’t always be going to a fancy restaurant or cafes right? Are we allowed to buy ingredients and cook simple dishes on our own? What are some suggestions to cook with budget in Europe or to eat fairly good dish outdoor in Europe? :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!


Hey Julie!

Ahh your first trip solo! So exciting - I did mine alone and had the best time!

ATM’s are super accesible in Europe, but I would recommend taking Euro as your main cash point in Europe. I took a travel card and it was really handy so I’d suggest contacting your bank to see if they have ones that might limit fees :slight_smile:

With phones, we have free wifi on the coach (but isn’t heaps of data!) but in the UK i use a company called Three and they have free roaming with their pay as you go deals in certain countries, but most of your hostels will have wifi as well so that’s completely up to you!

Yes! When others are doing optional activities, that time is all yours to explore around the city and have you time. You just may to be back for a certain time etc. but that time is all yours!

With it being a hostel trip, majority of your meals will be cooked by a chef, but you can always help with the chef or choose to do that yourself. Completely up to you! Our chef’s are amazing though :slight_smile:

Hope you have a great trip and let us know if you have any other questions.


Team Topdeck


Thank you so much for your reply! :slight_smile:
So you recommend not to do an international roaming in Australia but to do it when I get to the countries? Or not get on at all since there will be Wi-Fi… I was just thinking of ways to phone my family sometime during my trip just to let them know that im alive haha :smiley: Would buying SIM cards in each country be easier choice? - I think Vodafone ( company that I use) doesn’t provide free access to changing SIMS so it will be locked? I will have to check with them more…