1st tour spring 2012



Im want to do my first tour spring 2012 solo.
Any advice?


Do it!

I spent a few weeks before I finally decided to make up my mind & just go for it. Was the best decision I ever made. Had an awesome time on my trip, about half the people on my trip were travelling alone & everyone got on really well. Great being on a group tour like this too rather than one of those hop on/hop off buses because you are staying with the same people all the time. Also you have awesome trip leaders who do all your organising for you - accommodation, best places for meals, best clubs/bars, things to see in each city etc.

You are on holiday - experience things you wouldnt normally do at home. I threw myself out of a plane on a tandem skydive in Australia, as did about half of our group!

Yup I definately say go for it!