19 too young?


hi :slight_smile:
im thinking about during a europe tour for about a month (alone) this june but i will only have just turned 19. it seems the average age is mid-twenties… anyone who has been on a topdeck tour, were there many people this young? and did your group treat them as equals? i dont think it matters but im worried i’ll be seen by some as a 'kid’
thanks :slight_smile:


i have an 18 yr old brother and a 19 yr old sister going on a tour on the 30th of april :slight_smile: i believe they will have fun :smiley:


Don’t worry about being to young. I went last year on two tours and I was only 18 and it was amazing. When your traveling with so many great people age doesn’t matter. Sure they teased me about being the “youngun” but it was all in good fun and they all made me feel welcome. I’m sure you’ll have a great time! ;D



I hope not, I’m 19 and i leave on Feb 19th :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t worry about being to young it is not the age when on tour as no one will care its all about having a great time while on them. What tour are you looking to do?


thanks for the reassurance guys :slight_smile:
im looking at a either the European Adventure or the European Pioneer. i prefer the Pioneer tour regarding the actual route but the dates are better for me to do the Adventure one. still tossing up between topdeck and contiki though… :S but times ticking so ive got to make a decision fast!


im assuming some of you have come back from your tour by now? because this post was done in january?

How was it for you younger people??

I’m 18 years old and travelling alone… so i hope im not going to be an outcast. haha


Good to know I’m not the only one who worries about stuff like this!
My husband and I are heading to Europe next year for a 7 week tour and one of the things I worry about the most with these types of tour groups is our age. I’ll be 28 and hubby will be nearing 31 at the time of our trip, so I often wonder if we’ll be the “oldies” on the tour, lol.
From what I’ve read on other posts, we definitely won’t be the only couple in our group, as it seems that quite a few people travel with their partners - phew! hehe.


don’t feel that you are too young for this.My eldest cousin went to Europe with a friend a few months before her 19th Birthday in December 1988 having done it with the family the year before


i will be newly 18 in a couple of months when i go on 2 topdeck tours and go back paking around the UK for a month. Im going away for 3 months completely solo. I think 19 is fine as long as you are mentally mature and aware of your surrounding :slight_smile:


I hope I’m not the youngest on the tour! I’ll be 20 when I leave for mine in March


I celebrated my 19th birthday on my first tour a few years ago and I had no issues. Age tends to get left at the airport when on these tours. Everybody has a great time regardless of how old they are.



I turned 18 3 months ago, and will be flying out in January to spend 6 months overseas without my family, friends or boyfriend. Nervous as all hell about it too. I don’t think 19 (or 18, in my case) is too young, I just think you need to realise that while it may be scary, you’ll be having the time of your life. :slight_smile:


I shouldn’t think/hope so! I’m 19 and i’m going to Europe solo next June. Having said that, i’ll be turning 20 in January :slight_smile:


Age does not matter, if any money I would go at any time.


I’ll be 20 when I go on my European Pioneer trip next July, hopefully it will be a fabulous trip! Any of you going on European Pioneer next year? I’m booked for 5th July :slight_smile: