19 Day Beach & Bush- 6th November 10


Hi All,

Anyone going on the 19 day Beach & Bush tour leaving Sydney on the 6th November? Am travelling on my own so would be great to get chatting to someone else on the same tour!



Hi Spondrah…is that tour going up the east coast to Cairns to start? If so, im on the 14 Island Suntanner and it will probably be the same trip as yours…im also travelling solo. Im heading to the Wake Up hostel in Sydney for a couple of days before…you staying there?

Karen ;D


Hi guys.

I am going to be on this trip too ;D! I am also travelling alone & this will be my first tour of this kind.

Im heading to Sydney a few days before, arriving on Tuesday 2nd. I’m actually going to be staying at Sydney Harbour YHA in The Rocks - I chose this over Wake Up because it has an awesome view :wink:

I cant wait - only a few days before I leave, & just over a week until the tour starts! ;D

Tracey :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

Nice to (virtually) meet you both! Glad to see I won’t be on my own, when I saw that this tour doesn’t have a minimum requirement I had a horrible image of me turning up for it and finding out that it would just be me and the tour guide lol.

I’m staying in the Wake Up hostel as well although my flight doesn’t get in until 9pm the evening of the 5th. Doubt I’ll get time for much sleep that night! What kind of room have you booked Karen? I’m in one of the mixed dorms.

See you both soon!


I am also planning a trip for my family in February! We like beaches in Asia so what place is your recommendation?