18 yo girl- European wonder or pathway September


Hey! I was just wondering if anyone has experience travelling solo at a young age? I’m supposed to be going with a close friend, however the chance of her joining me is getting quite slim so I need to be prepared just incase! I was wondering whether I would still have a good time even by myself? I keep trying to say that I would, but everyone and their mum seems insistent that I would have a terrible time!!


Don’t hold off your trip for anyone!
I think you’ll have the most amazing life changing experience!
I had been putting off my Europe desire for years and had wanted to go as young as you, finally just a few weeks ago I booked mine too :slight_smile: and am traveling solo, only because my timing didn’t suit with anyone else. Don’t let people tell you different, if you are a mature 18y.o traveling solo but on a tour than you will be fine. Parents are just worried. You will meet friends for life, learn about yourself, experience the world. I’m just getting exciting just raving about it all to you. Do it now! Before uni, work and other commitments. You can always go again with your friends and have a completely different experience all together, experience Europe for you :wink: Good Luck!


Having said that…only if you are confident within yourself to go, and you feel comfortable in new surroundings and people. Would hate to give you wrong advice, you’ll make the right decision, whatever your gut tells you go with it :slight_smile:


Thanks vikki! I think I’m jut going to forget about all the negatives people are putting in my mind and just focus on the positives! I know I’ll regret it if I don’t go!


I’m doing my tour by myself I’m 21 still conceder myself young n alot of the other people on the tour r around my age my family hate the idea of me going by myself but if u wait for someone else to be able to afford or commit to a big over seashell u might be waiting a while n in my opinion that’s werse then going by urself it’s not like ur traveling alone the hole time u will be with a group of people n will getto know n be friends with them :slight_smile: u will be fine dnt let the negative comments affect ur trip


exact same thing happened to me, but eventually, after putting off my plans waiting and waiting for someone else to come with me, i planned my dream trip and booked.
travelling alone is better than travelling with a bad travel partner too and you will make friends!


Thanks guys!!! I’m now trying to get a spot on then sailing trip now!!!