18 Day Winter Getaway European Tour


Hey is anyone booked to go on the 18 Day European Winter Getaway tour leaving 28 December 2010… :slight_smile:


Hi Kylie,
Yeah I am booked to go on the Winter Getaway tour also:)
Can’t wait I am so excited haha where are you from??



Hi Kylie and Zoe,

I’m also going on the Winter Getaway tour! It will be nice to be in contact with a few people before we go!

Where in Aus are you from? I’m from Tassie!
You travelling solo? I am!

Very excited! :slight_smile:



Hey Claire!

Cool to hear from you:) I am getting pretty excited too and it isn’t that long until we go:)

I am from Hay NSW…it is kind of outback Australia haha just moved here this year from Syd for teaching:)

We will have a blast on the tour hey!

Take care!


Thats funny! I’m a teacher too!

I’m flying out of melb on boxing day! So will have a day to wander round London before the tour starts!

Are you doing anymore traveling after the tour? I’m making the most of summer holidays and fitting in an extra two weeks travelling around afterwards!

Not long now! 12 weeks I think! And it will definitely be a blast!


Hi Claire & Zoe… I am going on the trip solo so will be good to know that there is others doing the same… Claire I am also flying out on boxing day but from Sydney, so I will also have a day to wander around as well… Where abouts are you staying?? I am from Canberra… Sorry I am not a teacher, I am the odd one out… lol Can’t wait not long now, really excited… Not sure about the cold weather though… New Years Eve should be fun… Talk soon… Take Care!!! :slight_smile:


Hi Guys…Yay thats awesome this thing works haha I am flying out boxing day from Syd too Claire.

Should be the best trip:) I am a lil nervous but I think once we all meet up should be cool.
Remember to pack warm stuff hey!

Counting down haha great to hear from you guys!



Hello… Zoe it’s actually me (Kylie) flying out from Sydney… lol

Can’t wait, only 9 weeks to go…

What airline are you flying with Zoe and what do you fly out from Sydney? I am flying with British Airways and leave at 17:35pm on Boxing Day…

I will be staying at the Clink at Kings Cross in London, where are you guys staying???

Kylie :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

I’m going on this tour solo as well leaving Brisbane on boxing day! Can’t wait!
I’m staying at the Clink the night before the tour as well :slight_smile:



Hey Dani & Everyone,

So glad to hear others are also going on the trip as well… Not long now… Can’t wait… We should all catch up the day before the trip leaves for sure…

This is my first time travelling so getting really nervous, I am not sure that I am looking forward to the long flight… :frowning: But once there will have the best time…

Well stay in touch…

Kylie :slight_smile:


Hi everyone

I’m flying out on Boxing day (very early) and arriving in London 4:15pm boxing day. This is my first big trip overseas and I’m travelling on my own as well. So it would be great to catch up with anyone maybe on the 27th and go for a bit of peruse around London…anyone keen to go to Winter Wonder Land??? I think it finishes before our tour finishes! I’m staying at the Generator Hostel.

I’m soooo excited and a wee bit nervous. I’m certain I’m going to get lost between Heathrow and the hostel! If anyone arrives at Heathrow at 4.15pm Boxing day or near then I’ll be happy meet up with you :slight_smile:



Hey Everyone,

Glad to hear that more people are going on this trip…

Where is everyone staying?? Is anyone staying at the Clink in Kings Cross???

We should all try to catch up before the tour starts…

Kylie :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

I am staying at the Clink the night before the tour too:) I think it is in Kings Cross and I am pretty sure it is only 45 mins from the airport so yeah I am def keen to meet up with ne one else who arrives early too. Whoop Whoop I am excited…oh and I will check my arrival time too so I have more info bout the flights…very possible some of us will be on same flight!

Take care from Zoe.


Oh and Kylie I am pretty sure we are on the same flight but I will check and get back to you! Hope we have good movies and Mario Kart haha


Hi everyone,

I’m also a teacher who will be on the trip! I was originally going by myself but a friend has decided to join me. We’re leaving from Melbourne on boxing day but haven’t booked a place to stay the night before yet so maybe I can book at Clink too, seems the way to go!

Anyway I’m glad I found this site to hear a bit from people also going on the trip… As a first time traveller it is a little daunting!



Hi everyone,

I will be travelling with Katie. Clink sounds good too. It is very exciting not long now. I am also a first time traveller and cant wait!!

Looking forward to meeting everyone officially soon



Hello Zoe,

Good to hear that you are also staying at the Clink and let me know if you are on the same flight that would be awesome… I arrive in Sydney around 12pm on Boxing Day from Canberra…


Hello Everyone,

It’s good to see that there is a few of us going on this trip… Not long now… Getting really excited… Gonna have so much fun… hahaha

Take care

Kylie :wink:


Hi Everyone,

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been on and it’s exciting to see there are a few more of us!!

I’m leaving from Melbourne at 5pm on Boxing Day with Qantas (eek!!) and getting into Heathrow at 8am on the 27th. I’m also staying at the Clink. It’s sounding like all of us could meet up for a day of sightseeing before the tour. Maybe some of us could even meet at Heathrow and get lost together on the way to the Clink!!!

Counting down the weeks now, til school ends and our trip starts!!!

Can’t Wait!

Claire ;D


Hey Guys!

Kylie my flight is with British Airways at 4:25pm from Sydney Airport so I have a feeling we miss each other by an hour? How annoying…but we will prob be arriving in London similar times so maybe we could meet there and travel to the hostel together… I think I get in at 5:25pm on the 27th:)

Oh my gosh guys I am so excited and cannot wait hahaha and Claire will be at the airport not long after too…can’t wait to meet everyone!

Bye from Zoe!