18 Day Winter Getaway 3rd - 20th of Dec 2011


Hey guys I just booked this trip a few weeks and was wondering who else was going? I’m from Australia and I haven’t been to Europe before so I’m rather excited :slight_smile:


my friend Jess and I are!


Gday guys, i’m also booked onto this trip and it’d be good to meet a couple of people going as well before hand. I gather everyone has facebook, a group could be started so we can all meet each other before getting on the tour!!


yeah, good idea brad!


Great! Anyone know how to create the group?? :slight_smile: I have no idea. Find me on FB and add me to it - Brad Haskett - Adelaide


yeah i can make the group

having trouble finding you on fb however lol


I had a look at my FB and changed the privacy thingo so hopefully you can find me and add me to the group! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.423984547702.208002.581752702#!/profile.php?id=581752702


if you search on facebook “Topdeck Tour - Winter Getaway (3-20th December) 2011” you should find the FB group :slight_smile:


Im planning on booking this trip too :slight_smile: Im from South Africa and also havent been to Europe before, but Im going there to do research in Zurich so decided to just, erm, extend my stay a little ;-p
Going to be awesome to meet new people :smiley: Anyone else travelling alone?


ARGHHHH SO EXCITED!!! Almost time :slight_smile:


Hi Katie, I couldn’t find the facebook page
can you add me too it? Thanks!


Hi Lau, I’m travelling by myself and am also going to Switzerland after the trip to stay with family for Christmas, see you in a few weeks I guess :slight_smile: