17th May 2009 Mega European


Hey,[br][br]I’m booked to go on the Mega European - 47 days, 17 countries. Departing London on 17th May 2009.[br][br]Has anyone done this tour?? Any tips, advice, things you wish you’d taken, or are really glad you’d taken. Should I take a pack or a suitcase given it’s a camping tour etc. Any advice would be great :)[br][br]Also is anyone else booked on that particular trip??[br][br]Thanks heaps![br]Louise[br][br]Lou


Hey im not booked on your tour but im doing the mega european on the 30 August. ive heard that a backpack is better but it depends on what you prefer i suppose. remember you have to carry it.


Hey Louise,[br][br]I’m booked to go on the Mega European on 17 May too!! My sister is travelling with me too. We are both so excited and counting down already… 6 months to go!![br][br]We are both definately taking a back pack on the tour, as suitcases would have to be carried everywhere and they usually take up way more room in the bus, tent etc. and are heavier.[br][br]Are you staying in London before the Tour? We will be there for 3 days, not at Globetrotter Inn though, cause it costs a fortune and we found a cheap place only 2km away (walking distance apparently)![br][br]See you in 6 months!!:o[br]Cheers[br][br]- Jol -


Hey Jol,[br][br]That’s great that you and your sister will be on the tour too :slight_smile: I’m really excited as well - we’re going to some pretty amazing countries! [br][br]I’ll probably be in London for a couple of days before the tour and maybe a week after the tour - I haven’t sorted that side of things out yet! Is Globetrotter expensive - I might look in to alternatives then. [br][br]I’m not sure about the bag yet, I’ve been looking at the Kathmandu travel bags - they look like a pack but are on wheels - so can be easily pulled around. I’ve got a big tramping pack - but I think wheels might be handy… [br][br]Great to “meet” you - cool to have some other Kiwis on the bus ;)[br][br]Lou[br][br]Lou


Hey Lou,[br][br]It’s awesome to meet someone on our tour… makes the trip seem like its really happening.[br][br]We found Globetrotter was pretty pricey, about ?19, but we are travelling for 3 months straight so we need to go cheap. Converting pounds to NZ$ is a real killer!! St Christopher?s Inn Shepherd?s Bush was only 2 km away and a good price, about ?11 I think. After the European tour we are touring England, Scotland and Ireland for a month on a rail pass? Yay!![br][br]Wheels would be handy on a pack I recon. I got a new pack a few months ago from Snow Gum. The one feature that I had to have was that it opened like a suit case, cause taking everything out to get to the bottom of your bag would have been a huge pain!! [br][br]Me and Emily have researched everything so thoroughly that we have nothing left to do except wait for next year when we can organise the remainder of our trip!![br][br]- Jol -


Hey Jol,[br]Wow - you sound like you’ve got things pretty sorted!! I’m a real planner, but I’ve only recently decided to take the plunge and head off on my OE. I’ll be travelling round after the tour too - not sure of any details yet! But planning on travelling until about September. So I’m trying to get some ideas. [br][br]I’d really like to tour the UK as well - but I guess it will depend on costs. I’m travelling over on a one-way ticket - so I’ve got a bit of time :)[br][br]I’ll definitely look into cheaper places to stay! It would be great to meet you with you and Emily before the tour - I’m quite nervous as I’m doing all my travelling (including Bangkok on the way over) by myself.[br][br]I totally agree with you about the bag! That’s why I’m not keen on taking my tramping pack. I’ve got a while so I might just look around and get an idea of what’s out there. [br][br]It’s all pretty exciting :o[br] [br][br][br][br]Lou


Hi…[br]Deciding where you’re going to go and planning is half the fun!! We’ve been planning to go to Europe for more than a year and we completely changed our plans about three times. Nothing is really certain until everything’s booked. When did you decide to travel?[br][br]So what other countries do you think you might go to? I wouldn’t mind traveling more in Asia… and Africa… and America too! Haha probably not on this trip though.[br][br]It’s a great idea to meet before the tour. Before Emily decided to go with me, I was going to be traveling on my own too and that was pretty daunting so I know the feeling.[br][br][br][br]- Jol -


Hi all! I did this tour in 2008…ohmygoodness you will have the time of your life!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun you will have! You definately chose the right tour, but I can tell you that you WILL get sick of putting up and taking down your tent lol but it is worth it! any questions, feel free to ask! ;D [br]p.s. im sooooo jealous! i want to go again! :frowning:


Hey Trelly![br][br]SO good to hear you had such a great time on tour ;D[br][br]I’m really looking forward to the tour, although I’m a little nervous ::slight_smile: But it’s SO great to hear from others who have already done the tour![br][br]What were the highlights for you?? Lowlights?? Any tips or other helpful info??[br][br]Thanks so much![br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European [br](May 2009)


I just thought I’d put this one up the top again ;D[br][br]Anyone around doing Mega European on 17th May 2009??[br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European [br](May 2009)


Hey Lou,[br]I will be doing this tour as well, can’t wait only 5mths to go. I think a backpack is definately the way to go since we will be camping for the majority of it, the sailing part of the trip sounds awesome. [br]Callan


Hey Callan,[br][br]Great that you’re on the tour too! I’m getting SO excited - it’s really not that far away. So much to organise!! [br][br]I’m also really nervous - It’s my first time travelling and I’m going on my own, just getting a one way ticket to London![br][br]I’ve found a really good bag that has wheels but also backpack straps, it’s about 70L - so hopefully it’s big enough… [br][br]The sailing part sounds amazing! I’ve got a friend who did the Summer Fun and Sailing last year and he said he had a blast! Can’t wait ;D[br][br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European [br](May 2009)


Hey Lou,[br]Dont worry about travelling alone i will be doing the same thing as my mates pulled out. Im also only getting the one way ticket as im not to sure what i will do afterwards. I might continue to travel or i might try and get a job in london. where abouts are u staying before the tour?? i think i will organise something with topdeck.[br]Callan


Highlights? Uh only everything! Hahaha lowlights would have to be the weather! We got stuck in a MAJOR storm in Vienna - we went to Prater Park and as we were leaving it started to rain…by the time we got back to camp…ohmygoodness…!!! it looked like a tornado had hit! tents were flooded, cook tent had flowen over a hedge, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE was wet. We either slept in the bathrooms or the bus! I “slept” in the bus - needless to say that i didnt get much sleep haha but i did see the sunrise, and wow, what a stunning morning! but now that i look back on it, its hardly a low point. Its just another adventure and another story to tell! but you will get sick of putting up your tent!!! by the time you get to amsterdam, you could well and truly put it up with your eyes closed and your hands behind your back!!! it is so worth it though. i was quite shy when i started but just plucked up the courage to talk to people and i made friends for life. you just have to do the same! oh, try to sleep as much as possible on the bus! and if your tour is anything like mine (90% female!), you have to run to the bathrooms on the pitstops otherwise you wont be able to hold on and will have to use the male toilets! beware of the squatters in the monestries in meteora!!! talk about gross!!! any questions? i suggest a backpack with wheels btw!!!


[br]Yay… another person on the tour… just 4 months to go!! Can’t wait.[br][br]- Jolien[br][br]- Jol -[br]Mega European 17 May 2009[br]Britain & Ireland independantly


oh yea…the sailing boats are not as big as you think!!! we had 6 people to a boat…i think its more like a 2 or 3 person boat!!! but greece is beautiful! the locals are so lovely! definately try the greek desserts in corfu!!! oh and capri is absolutely stunning! you HAVE to take the chairlift up to anacapri - no questions about it!!![br]don’t feed the stray cats (like i did in petris t, you’ll get in trouble hahaha)


Haha - thanks trelly!! It’s SO good to hear from experienced people ;D[br][br]I’m getting heaps more excited now - only 102 sleeps to go!! (Or something like that).[br][br]I’ve heard a lot of people say that you make friends for life - which is so great :slight_smile: Hoping to meet some like-minded travellers who would be keen for some more travel later on.[br][br]What time of year did you go trelly?? Just wondering what type of weather to expect for May/June??[br][br]Can’t wait!![br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European [br](May 2009)


we went on the exact same date. the weather…well our tour slogan was “Taking Europe By Storm” and that haunted us! we had sooo much rain! In Vienna we got caught in a MASSIVE storm, tents got blown down, cook tent blew away, everything and everyone was soaking wet! But then in other places like Istanbul, Gallipoli, Meteora, Venice, Greece, and most places in Italy were so so so SO hot! I’m so jealous that you guys get to go! I’ll be stuck at work while you guys are having the times of your lives! And you will make friends for life, no doubt about it. I’ve just looked back on my photos and every photo has such a great memory. Aww i wanna come! Need someone to carry your bag?!


Hi there! I have also reserved a spot on the May 17 Mega European. I am getting really excited about the trip. The fact that it is coming up so soon is crazy!! [br][br]Trelly – I had a couple of questions for you about the trip… did you feel safe at the camping sites/hostels? what kind of food did your ‘on the road chef make’? and what kind of optionals were included in the trip? [br][br]Also what was the general age of the people on your trip, and were there alot of single travelers from different countries?? [br][br]Thanks for any feedback you can provide!! =) [br]-Allison


Hi Allison,[br]Now we know there are at least 4 people on our trip! Yay! I’m getting real excited too!! Counting down the weeks before the trip… just 14 now![br]So are you in London for a while before the trip? We will be in Amsterdam for a week then in London for 4 days. [br]Yay can’t wait.[br][br][br]- Jol -[br]Mega European 17 May 2009[br]Britain & Ireland independantly