Looking for fellow travellers on this 24 day tour. It’s my first huge tour and I’m travelling solo. I’m so excited!!!


Hey Kylie

Hope you are well!

I am going on The Eastern Spirit trip, so i will join your trip when you are in Rome!
Dont worry i am also travelling solo…so we can be solos together!!! ;D hehe


im getting about ireland and england 2 weeks pre tour. I commence the tour at london. It is very reassuring top see others trevelling solo too!! Solo buddies it is. Thanks for the reply kelz :slight_smile:


HEY finally smoeone who’s going on the same trip… solo from Singapore.
are you gonna land earlier @ London? maybe we can tour around together. :slight_smile:


I’m arriving in Dublin on the 1st. The plan is to do a week in Ireland then over to London around the 9/10th april. So I have time in London pre and post tour. My travel plans are open nickie so I can be flexible. Let me know when your in London and we can organize something :slight_smile:


ah right tt’s cool! i will reach london on 14th april. most probably staying @ clink hotel. am thinking of joining the fat bike tours :slight_smile:
add me on FB! niallgene18 hotmail com


Bump ;D


Counting down the weeks! Seems so far away still :slight_smile:


HEY guys ! yay ! people doing the same tour as me !!!

This is my final leg of my 2 years living in the UK !!!

I have a friend from home (oz) coming over to do this tour with me on the 17th of april !

11 weeks and bloody counting but a lot of work to do beforehand !

Im thinking of making a group on FB for this particular tour unless there is one already done

Chloe x


Chloe! Yeah another person on our tour! A fb group sounds awesome!! I’ll be in that for sure. Wow 2 years in the uk! Would be grateful if you could suggest some must do’s for while I’m in the uk. I have ten days… It’s all very exciting. I got worried for a minute, saw the 11 weeks and was like it can’t be… But yes 11 weeks until the tour but only 8 weeks and I’ll be on a plane to Ireland!! Can’t wait to meet all you guys!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


anyone will be in london 14-16? am looking to share a double room cos it’s much cheaper that way lol


Another week closer :wink:


Ahhhh took me forever to find this discussion ! im a bit slow !!!

there is soooo much to do in London its ridiculous! Ill try name some of the things that I can think of and somethings to avoid to save your money !

Ive not gotten around to doing a FB group yet … work is mental !

Things to do and see:

Camden Markets on a sunday (must do !) sunday is the day its buzzing … makes the atmosphere so much better !
There is an art tour of some sort through East London … not sure on the exact name but i can find out … my friend did it last week before she flew back to Oz and said it was good … a lot of street art type stuff
Imperial War museum is pretty cool
Check out your main touristy things like buckingham palace … trafalgar sq etc etc … all within walking distance … embankment … london eye … another great thing to do is a hop on/ hop off bus tour … big double decker red bus that has no roof…not sure how much it costs these days but it gives you a great outlook of where everything is situated and you just jump on the next bus that comes along and it takes you to the next major stop … gives you like … 24 hour valid ticket … ERMMMM …
Maddam Toussards is cool … havent actually been myself … i saw the one in Paris … also cool !
sheesh … I honestly dont know where to begin haha !!!
Victoria and Albert Musuem is worth a look
River Cruise on the thames

Im having a mental blank at the moment … ill get back to you with more haha ! :slight_smile:

Try catching buses around places … its cheaper and you see more rather than getting the tube … you stand crammed with the rest of london and see nothing !

Ripleys believe it or not
London Dungeons
Ive heard the Zoo isnt all that … but I kinda figure you find a zoo anywhere!

All just a touristy thing that you end up wasting your money on … tourist traps!

UMMM … if you have any questions or anything guys just email me on cloz88@hotmail.com and ill try help ya as best as i can ! or add me on FB - Chloe Grantham … :slight_smile: ! Cheeeeeeeers !


That is an awesome list of things to do Chloe!! Thankyou!! I have found keeping a travel diary is helping me remember what planning I need to do. I’m trying to do this on a budget lol. We are another week closer! 8 weeks until the tour starts. Which hopefully means only 2 weeks until we get documents. I can’t wait to explore through the itinerary!!


Well we are getting closer! 18 days until we start the journey of a lifetime and finally get to meet each other!! Only 2 more sleeps and im in my way!


Anyone up for drinks at the Clink the night before the tour? PM me!