17 day European Pathway 6th July 2011



Anyone booked in for the 17 day European Pathway tour departing 6th July 2011??

S & J :slight_smile:


Sure are!! :slight_smile: Have you noticed that it started off with 10 countries and has now merged its way down to 8… :S


Has it really? i didn’t even notice that. What countries are we missing out on? :-/


I can’t remember now, one of them was Belgium…Apparently though i was looking at last year’s Pathway tour, they have made some changes. But its great actually because we get to spend more time exploring each place instead of being so wham bam, in and out!


Yeah we liked the idea of having a 2 night stay in most countries. It was more appealing.
Are you girls staying anywhere before the tour starts? We have booked 2 nights in the Clink hostel.


Yes we are! And possibly a third friend is now joining us :slight_smile: We are spending a few nights before the tour starts in london but staying at the piccadilly guest house (ladies only-woot) and its really central, stoked! We are going to see WICKED in West End ;D ;D ;D


Oh nice!! We booked the Clink Hostel as it is where we all meet on the morning of departure. Thought it would be easiest that way. Pretty excited. ;D


OMGOSH IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS… So0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o Excited!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


I know… Its just flying along ;D. Dreading the long flight :(!!! But cant wait to meet everyone!!!
How long are you girls in London before the tour starts?


Hi guys,
there will be 3 of us from Perth joining you. My name is Kim and i’ll be with my fiance Cullum and his little sister Rory.
Can’t wait ! ;D


3 weeks guys, how exciting!! We are in London for 3 days prior :slight_smile: Hey Kim & co. look forward to meeting you all, very soon! ;D ;D ;D