17 day european pathway 15th june 2011


Any one else out there doing the 17 day European Pathway tour that starts on the 15th of June … I am and I can’t wait !! :slight_smile:


Hey, my friend and I just put our deposit down on this tour yesterday! I guess we’ll see you in few months time :slight_smile: We originally wanted to depart on the June 8th one, but apparently we were the only ones who had shown any interest, so June 15th it is!!


Hey that sounds good !! Have you been overseas before ?? When do you get into London ? are you only doing the tour and then going home or you have more travel planned ? :slight_smile: good to see someone else is doing the tour !!


oh my goodness i have been booked on this tour for months and i cant believe i just found people doing the same one its so exciting i cant wait :slight_smile:


its not long now really … Are u travelling on ur own? Have u been overseas b4? Where in aus r u from kelly? =)


i know its getting closer… yes i am doing it by myself so excited and a bit nervous all at the same time and it is my first time overseas… im from sydney… how about you are you doing it by yourself and where are you from?


hey hun, im from adelaide! Im going wiv a friend and its my first time over there… Are u staying longer or just the 17days?


im there about 5 days before and i have about 5 days after before i do the britain and ireland tour… how about you?


were there about 2 days before an then were doing 3 days in ireland afterwards an then ill b in england for another 10 days after that. I cant wait!


Hey Jess, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, busy with university!! I have been overseas before, but never quite like this, just quiet Caribbean vacations with the family. My friend and I arrive the morning before in London and leave the day after the tour is over, I wish we could have extended our travels :frowning: It’s getting closer to departure date, I’m getting excited!!


Hey everyone! I just purchased my spot on this tour today! I’m so excited, I’ve never been to Europe before. Is anyone else besides me travelling alone?


hey im getting so xcited not long 2 go now!! How old is everyone?


Both my friend who is coming along and I are 24…well I will be by the time we depart, by birthday is a week and half before! How about everyone else?


my bday is just before we leave 2 the 3rd of june an il b 24!


Hahaha that’s the craziest coincidence, my 24th bday is June 3rd as well! So we know there is the 6 of us for sure, I’m curious about who else will be joining us, I can’t seem to find anyone on the facebook page for TopDeck for this tour.


hey all! make that 7! Kass I’ll be a solo traveller also!


2 months tomorrow now thats a bit exciting!!! :slight_smile:


Hey guys! My friend Natalie and I will be doing this tour too. We are both 26 & from South Africa! Look forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Hey guys… me and my friends are going on this tour too. There is 4 of us total. We are 22 and sooo very excited… not long to go now. Looking forward to meeting you all.


I’m the baby of this trip. I’m 20 :stuck_out_tongue: