16th June 2016 - Alps & Matadors/European Pioneer


Hi all. Just wondering if any of you are on this trip (16th June - 22nd June)?? If so, please reply to this thread and I’ll create a facebook group :slight_smile:


hey 3 of us from nz are doing the european pioneer tour on da 16th :grinning:


@Thead27 that’s awesome. Would you guys join a FB group if I made one so we can chat ? I’m going over by myself so will be good to kind know some people haha


hey yip that sounds gud @Emma_Iwikau !


@Thead27 Sweet. Made a group page here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1680976198848327/ Let me know how it goes :smile:


Hi Emma! Me & my friend are also doing the grand pioneer - so excited but wish it would hurry up already. We’ve joined your group already :wink:


I just booked the Alps & Matadors trip can’t wait :grin: