16 Day Kiwi Encounter - 6 Sep - 21 Sep


Hi all

I have booked the 16 Day Kiwi Encounter - 6 Sep to 21 Sep 2017.

I am from Melbourne and am travelling solo.

Who else is going? Would love to get to know you all beforehand!



Hi Josie,

I am just about to book the 18 Day Grand Kiwi tomorrow for the same dates 06/09-23/09- which I believe is part of this tour. I am also travelling solo and am from regional victoria! Will be nice to meet you on the tour.


Hi Melanie,

That’s awesome! How exciting!

What activities do you plan on doing? I am really exciting for the snow…have never seen it so keen for some ski lessons.


Hey Josie, i’ve had to change my dates, it was incredibly hard to get time off work with September being our busiest month and I run the practice here. So i am changing my dates to over christmas period now. I hope you have a blast on this trip! :slight_smile: