16 Day - Grand Kiwi on the 18th June 2012



Is anyone else booked onto this tour? I’m travelling on my own so would be good to talk to someone else who is also going!

Katie xx


Hi Katie,
I’m booked in on that tour but starting in Auckland on the 20th! I’m also travelling by myself! Am starting to get rather excited!! I’ve started buying thermals and stocking up on warm clothes cause I’m worried I’m going to freeze!! Looking forward to meeting you!


Hi Monique,

I know it’s not long now and its good to hear from someone else who will be on the trip!! Are you travelling anywhere before or after? I’m struggling to know what to take to be honest, but I figure if I take loads of layers I can be prepared for all. Any advice from anyone who has been this time of year would be appreciated.
See you on the trip!