15 day grand kiwi


Hey my name is Beth and I have just booked the 15 day grand kiwi tour for the 21st Jan 2011!! I am travelling on my own and excited but nervous at the same time> Anybody going on this tour? Be nice to meet people before as will be in New Zealand the day before.

Thanks Beth :slight_smile:


Hi guys. My name is Chris from Vancouver, Canada.

I am also on this 15-Day tour departing out of Auckland on the 21st. Looking forward to it, but it’s my first time in NZ so not sure what to expect.
I’m also travelling alone. I arrive in Auckland day before.

See you there!


hey chris, nice to hear from u. I am also there the day before, r u staying in nomads where we are meeting? hope ur well. :slight_smile:


Yup. At least, that’s what the tour itinerary says.

Can’t wait. I’m super pumped for this trip.