14 island Suntanner - 6th Nov


Hi all, I’ve just booked onto the Island Suntanner trip - 6th November, and 3 day Great Barrier Reef liveaboard on 22nd Nov.

Im travelling solo so just wondering if anyone else is doing the same? Be good to get to know a few people before I head out ;o)



Thanks for sharing this information !


Hi Karen :slight_smile:

I’m doing the same tour on the 6th November and going solo as well.

Are you excited? Only 5 weeks to go. Are you heading out before the tour starts?



Excellent, its really nice to know there will be others travelling solo!

Very excited! Have been wanting to do this for a while and cant believe how quick its coming around! Have you been before? Im only arriving a couple of days before so will be in Sydney on 4th.

Be good to chat before we head out…are you on FB? If so, feel free to add me… http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=578095726

Karen x



It’s come around so quick, booked in January and only 4 weeks left to wait!!!

Haven’t been to Australia before, have you?

Have you got everything in now for your trip?

Yeah I’m on facebook, I will add you



Thanks for the add ;D

Nope never been before but have always wanted to!! Has been a long time coming. Where are you flying from and on what date?

Got all my docs through a couple of days ago, think im just about sorted but I feel a little too organised!! That cant be right!

K x


Hello ladies,
I’m also a solo traveller :slight_smile: Would be great to get to know you beforehand! I can’t wait to head off to OZ:-) Counting the days…
Happy to connect via FB. Here we go: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=134956106555039&num_event_invites=0#!/bjoernschubert


Hi all!

I am joining this tour in Surfers Paradise on the 9th November, also travelling solo. I am flying out on the 3rd November and spending a few nights in Sydney first. Really looking forward to it, counting down the days now!

Look forward to meeting you all!


Not long now guys…cannot bloody wait!!! :wink:


Hi again,

Feel free to add me on Facebook:


See you soon! x


Hi all,

I am doing the 19 Day Beach & Bush which sounds like it will probably be the same tour (although I continue on from Cairns). I am also travelling solo & this will be the first time I have done a trip like this so I’m a little bit nervous but also very excited. 1 week to go!!!

Im spending 4 days in Sydney beforehand so will be there on Tuesday 2nd.

Look foward to meeting you all :slight_smile: