14 Day Island Suntanner Reverse - May 11th



In the process of booking this trip, has anyone already done this, or anyone out there booked on the May trip leaving Cairns?



Hey I am booked on this trip but only the 6 day one finish at airlie beach


Hi Amy, thats cool, I have not booked it yet, am awaiting confirmation that I will be back in the country to start it! I did a similar tour in Nz and loved it, thats why I thought of doing another trip, couldn’t decide on the east coast or west coast tho!



Hi There,

Im booked on the 11 day Reef Suntanner Reverse leaving Cairns on the 11th of May.



Hi Michael,

When do you get to Cairns? & where you staying? Are you from Sydney or just there at the mo?



Hi Lisa,

I arrive on Friday the 10th and am staying at Hides Hotel.
Flying up around lunchtime as I live in Sydney.



Hi Michael,

Cool, you can fill me in with what to do, where to stay when I reach Sydney! :slight_smile:
Ive not confirmed accom yet but think there is talk of all meeting up the night before tour for drinks. B-)


Yeah no problem Lisa.
See you in a couple of weeks.