14 day Island Suntanner - 14th August


Just wondered if anyone else has booked on this tour yet? If so, please get in touch (solo traveller and have no idea what I have let myself in for!). Gail


Hi Gail
Unfortunately I have just booked myself onto the 2nd Nov trip so cant help with your dates but I am also travelling solo and have been told there are lots of people who do the same…if that helps!


Hi i think i will be on this tour for the first 4 days going from Sydney to Gold coast! Heading out to Oz tomorrow but going up to cairns then travelling downwards with another company. Then catching this tour on the 14th : -) I’m also travelling on my own! Cat


Cat - thanks for your post - see you in Sydney - even if it is just for the first few days.


Hey! Me and my friend are doing the 19day beach and bush tour starting on the 14th , but i’ve noticed they are the same , basically we branch off!
Maybe you will be joining us? :slight_smile:



Hi Dee - not sure how it works but would be good if we are together for some of the trip - hopefully see you 14th!


Deffinatley chick!
Have a safe flight out there! x


Hi. I’m also going on this tour on my own. Hope to see you all there.