14 Day European Wonder 18th May 2017


I’m an Aussie travelling solo, just trying to get in touch with other people doing the same tour.


Hi, I’m also an Aussie doing this trip Solo. Have you been to Europe before?


This is my first one, I fly in and start in paris. What about you?


I’m starting in London, fly in the day before the tour starts :slightly_smiling_face:
Are you continuing on after the tour finishes or flying home?


Awesome! I’ll meet you in Paris :blush: I have booked another tour after this one. I’m sailing croatia for 8 days then heading home :blush:


Hi All,

Kyara here, your Kiwi neighbour from across the ditch. I’m going on this trip too. Starting in London. I get there a day before the tour starts on the 17th.


I’m also getting to London on the 17th :grin: Staying at the Wombats hostel that night


Im staying at the hotel we are all meeting at - Best Western Burns Hotel :slight_smile:

Where do you end you trip?


I’m staying at Wombats hostel for another night at the end of the trip :smile: planning to go shopping on Oxford circus that day (1.6.17)


I finish up in London. What about you?

Also staying at the Wombats Hostel a night at the end :grin:


I finish up in Rome on the 2nd of June


Hi ladies!! Myself and my husband are also doing this trip! I’m from Canada but live in Brisbane and he is an aussie. My first time visiting Europe and he has done only the UK. Super excited! I’m 28 and he is turning 30 this year. We love meeting new people and going out for some drinks and laughs so really looking forward to meeting you! xx



My friend Tessa and I are also doing this trip and staying at Wombats the night before :slight_smile: Coming from NZ, landing the night before the tour starts!


Hey guys! I’m booked for this trip in September and was just wondering what you all thought of it? Any tips/tricks :slight_smile: I hope you had a wonderful time!


It’s super fun! Pretty fast paced though, so don’t count on being able to get a whole lot of sleep! Coach trips are long so pack in a comfy travel pillow, and having international adapters would be recommended.

Taking out cash in euro to keep on you is a good idea, in case you don’t pass any atm’s at the time (also as you pay for the optional activities in cash on the coach).
Jump in and make friends on day 1. Everyone is super friendly (at least my group were), so it’s a really good chance to make some new mates. It’ll be super fun!