14 day Britain & Ireland Tour: August 26th 2012


Hey, I’m travelling on this tour alone and just wondering if other people were doing the same thing…?
I’m excited for it but a little bit nervous at the same time :slight_smile:


Hi Ashleigh, I’m on this tour and going it solo, so that makes 2 of us! Are you starting out from London as well? I fly in on the 25th of August from NZ and I’m staying at the UMI Hotel.

I am nervous as well, but so excited at the same time! It’ll be an experience and a half, I’m sure.


Hi, I’m on this tour too and am travelling with a friend, but I’m still nervous as well. Look forward to meeting you guys next month!



Woohoo, another 2 kiwi’s! Cool. When do you and your friend out from NZ?


I’m going to Germany first so I will fly to London on the 25th of August and staying at the UMI Hotel that night as well. Can’t wait!


Hey Ashleigh, are you flying into Gatwick or another airport? I don’t get into Gatwick until 10.30pm and I’m worried about getting to the UMI Hotel that late at night - can’t seem to figure out the best way to get from A to B. How are you getting to the Hotel?


I’m flying into Heathrow airport and should get there about 2pm. Is there a certain time you have to be checked in by? I’m not sure how late their public transport goes for but you could catch a taxi? I’m not sure how expensive they are though, sorry.
I was just going to look around London a bit on my way to the hotel, so maybe a bus? I think i’ll just figure that out when I get there :slight_smile:


HI my name is Vanessa, from Gold coast Australia, im traveling solo also and very excited as its next week !!!
22 yrs and looking forward to meeting you ladies.
i arrive on Fri 24th in heath row and staying at a hotel near the umi for two night before ur tour starts.
public transport should be able to go late in the night unless you can take the tubes?


Looking forward to meeting all you cool chic’s next week! I wonder if it’s just going to be a girl’s only trip - surely there must be some guys out that are on this trip as well?

Apparently the tubes stop at 12am - fair enough. I’m just going to have to catch a cab form the train station, I think.

See you all next week!


This tour only consists of 15-20 people right? explorer is smaller then other tours?
all the very best and safe travels to everyone.
see you all next sunday!!