12 day Turkey Explored 30th June



Solo traveller, first Topdeck, but travelled extensively, and just wondering if anyone is booked on to this and who?? 10 week count down, so thought I’d give this a go and see whos about, I live in London, so if anyones coming from this way, could perhaps meet up for a drink one night??



Hi Missy, I’m a first-time solo traveller from New Zealand and will be flying over in about a week. I’ll have about a week in London visiting friends, then a week in Holland & Belgium, before starting the Adriatic Adventure tour on June 8. It finishes in Italy on June 27, so I have a few extra nights there before flying to Istanbul to start the Turkey Explored tour on June 30. Interested to see if anyone else is doing both of these tours? Also, I will be stayingin Istanbul for one morenight after the tour - is anyone else? I haven’t booked a hostel yet, so would be keen to join up with someone else on this.


Hi Kirsten

See you in Istanbul then! Enjoy ur time in London and your other adventures! I will be staying in Istanbul after the trip, planning on taking it as it comes so possibly 3-5 days, as I’m not in a rush before making my way back down to Fetiye way as my friend lives there, so going to stay with her for couple of weeks before heading off again independantly for a month somewhere else, possibly Olympus for a month of retreating on a beach! (i’m also coming via Santorini - Greek Island, as a friend is getting married the week prior to the tour - 5 weeks left at work and counting!!!).

I’ve been looking into hostels and going to email some people who know Istanbul well for hostel recommendations, so hold out and we can talk about it on tour! I will be there a night before tour as well, so will sample a hostel then as well!

Happy travels and see you on the 30th!