10 Day Moroccan Explorer - Oct 05 - Oct 14, 2012


Hi everyone,
I am a 23 year old female looking to meet some new people and make new friends.

I have booked the 10 Day Moroccan Explorer from the 5th October to the 14th 2012.

I’m travelling by myself and was wondering if anyone of this tour is doing the same?



Hello Sabrina

I’m also booked for this tour, I’m also travelling alone, looking forward to meeting you there.



HI Sabrina,

Im planing on going to Morroco too on those date, but if my friend can’t make it i will have to go by myself, i never travel alone, but i see you guys are, so i hope u can make it either with or without my friend… i’m originally from Peru but i live in NY for 10 years i’m 35.

Hope to meet you there, and lets keep in touch, same with the girl from Africa.




I am also travelling solo for this tour. Looking forward to meeting you all.



Phew! Glad to meet everyone!