10 Best Places in Europe for a Family Vacation


Italy Big thumbs up !
Especially the Dolomites - winter skiing or mountain walking in the summer.

Since 2009 the Dolomites have become part of the renowned World Heritage List. The decision was taken during UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee’s yearly session in Seville, Spain.

The incomparable beauty of the Dolomites convinced UNESCO, as it also did the great poet Goethe, extreme climber Reinhold Messner and famous architect Le Corbusier. Pinnacles, ridges and rock walls glow deeply red in the evening sun, and change from orange to violet until the dark of night has set upon the mountains. The unique composition of the Dolomite rock allows this socalled “enrosadira” or “Alpenglow”, a sheer wonder of nature.

Good enough for me :slight_smile: