1-14 August 07 European Wonder Tour


Haven’t seen many people writing to say they have booked for this trip yet!![br][br]Is there anyone out there besides Lucy & myself who are going on this trip?[br][br]Contact us and let us know!


Hey Lauren[br][br]Think we’re the team. I don’t think many people know about the forum to be honest. I just found it by fluke. Also it might still be a bit early for people booking. I think we might just be eager beavers.;D[br][br]I’m getting excited now. Only got just under 6 months until I leave Perth for the UK. I know it sounds like a long time but it is going to fly past.[br][br]Lucy[br]Oh…did you get my email??


Hello[br][br]No I didn’t, I just figured you had forgot! But that’s ok![br][br]Your right, the next 6 months will go very quickly, almost half way through Feb already![br][br]I’m sure more people will join up…eventually! Keep our eyes & ears out from here on in![br][br]lauren


hey Lauren[br][br]my email is looloobelle8@hotmail.com what’s yours? looks like the email never got through to you that i sent on here. strange.[br][br]hope to hear from you soon[br][br]lucy


hey,[br][br]I’m going on the Euro wonder also same dates with my boyfriend. We are staying in London for a week before the tour and then Prague for a week after the tour. Are you travelling anywhere else in Europe??[br][br]Bianca


Hi Bianca.[br][br]Finally Lauren and I have some pals. hehe[br][br]Well i arrive in London 25 July. I’ll spend that week at my Aunt’s place. After the tour I have 5 weeks in London (hopefully going to Spain in that time - definately for La Tomatina). I’ll then meet my boyfriend in Athens end of Sept where we are travelling for 6 weeks together. (Athens, Santorini, Corfu, Croatia, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Portugal, UK and then Dubai)[br][br]Would love to hear more about you guys. Feel free to email me on the email above.[br][br]Lucy


any more takers???


hey guys[br][br]my brother has now decided to join the tour.[br][br]count down is well and truely on now. under 3 months - lol


hey guys, a friend and I are doing this tour…can’t wait:)[br][br]Div</font id=“red”>


hey Div[br][br]Great to see more people are on the tour. can’t wait …i’ve got about 7 weeks until i leave oz!![br][br]lucy