09 to10 brochures


hi just wondering when do the 2009 2010 brochures come out for australia i really want to see if theres any think new happening for next year. i dont want to pre book in case there is something new in the brochure. thanks ash


Hello Ash,[br][br]The brand new Europe 2009/2010 brochure should be available in Australia in a couple of months’ time - I will put up a notice as soon as it is. You can also visit our website where the same product will be loaded.[br]The new brochure will cover travel from mainly May 2009 so if you wish to travel prior to that, you can book on tours from our Winter/Spring brochure - there is an Early Bird offer for Spring trips if you book and pay in full by 31/12/08, you get a 10% discount.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Hi guys,[br][br]I too am travelling in 2009. I have already decided what trip i’m doing and when i want to leave. I plan to book ahead and get the early bird discount but i am also concerned that a new trip will come up or my trip will be altered. I would love to have the latest brochure as soon as it comes out.[br][br]Thanks Nic